Friday, March 22, 2013

What are patches in Hyperion product suite

For many people who work in Hyperion product suite for a long time this is a silly question.
One of my friends who just started asked me this question. He got confused between

Multi server Hyperion Environment
Load balancing

I will try to explain in simple terms what the above mean. First lets go to Patching.
Same as humans No software is built perfect, as it was built by humans :-)
When a new version of software is released some of the components of it may not work properly. The issues are generally called bugs. If a particular software has lot of bugs the software development team will combine solutions for all the known bugs into an small additional release called Patch.
For example Hyperion smart view version has some issues to it. Oracle Hyperion combined all the solutions to those issues and released a .300 patch. When you install the patch our version will be now version.
similarly for Hyperion planning we have

How do we know what's included in the patch?
we get all the information about the patch like what bugs it is fixing in the read me document of the patch. The patch can be downloaded from

To install the patch is it as simple as double click the .exe?
You need to be careful in applying the patches. You have to read "readme" document first and see if there are any prerequisites. For example Planning may have some prerequisites in foundation etc.,
In a nutshell strictly follow readme document even if you don't like it.


  1. I didn’t realize that this issue was so important and so universal. You certainly put it in perspective for me.

  2. Nice tutorial. The Hyperion Essbase tutorial was help ful for me. Keep Sharing Tutorials.