Monday, January 28, 2013

Hyperion Upgrade Issues

Recently we upgraded our Hyperion product suite from 9 3 1 to
I will list all the issues we faced on the road to latest and greatest hyperion product suite. 

Issue #1
Its common practice of the users to reuse the smartview templates. When some of my users open smartview templates which were created in older version they get an error "COMMON PROVIDER SESSION TYPE MISMATCH". The error can be  resolved by closing the sheet and open it again. However this is very annoying as some of the business users use Smart view for most part of their day. Oracle suggested the following resolution
1) Open workbook (Don't refresh),
2) In SmartView panel navigate to the required connection and connect.
3) Right click on connection and click on "Adhoc analysis".
4) Choose the following option on prompt "Reuse sheet content and pov".
5) A message box will display with following info "Old SmartView grid format detected, This operation will convert the grid into the new format, do you want to continue?" click Yes.
6) After that save the workbook and user can continue normally.



  1. Hi , I am new to Hyperion and have a question , can i integrate data from application to Hyperion automatically , for example i work on Hyperion planning integrated with Oracle E-business (GL)now my idea to integrate some data from Oracle Manufacturing and another sales application , can this executed automatically as the date sent from the application to Hyperion by requests , thanks

  2. Hi
    you can do it in multiple ways.
    one way is to use ODI.
    other is to export data from Oracle E-business in a flat file and load it to planning
    let me know if you have more questions.

    1. Thanks for your fast replay , what we want is to make this process automatically that make no need to enter data manually , will ODI make us do that ? ,
      My other question is about Hyperion business , how can i use Hyperion to do a deep analysis on my business , i mean what is in the books are the mix of region ,market , customer dimensions ,etc . what is the next level to did deeper in business analysis by Hyperion

  3. Yes we can do it.
    If you don't have ODI you can use combination of SSIS and MaxL scripts to achieve this.
    you can email me at
    we can discuss on this topic.

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  5. Currently we are using Hyeprion 9.2.x.x version. we have two different environments. Both environments having their own back end DB's. Recently we switched the DB from one environment to another environment. So from the Hyperion application perspective we changed the host entries pointing to the new DB and comment the existing db entries.

    Now the Hyperion application is connecting to new DB which we switched, but when we ran any job in the workspace the same job is running twice with same date and time stamp.

    I am not sure why is it coming twice even we ran the same report once.

    Could you please suggest me anything we need to change at Hyperion application config level, if we switch the DB from one environment to another.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. When we ran a job in workspace the same job is running twice with the same date and time.

    Can anyone one suggest what would be the reason?

  7. Anyone having idea about Hyperion upgradation from 9.2.x.x to

  8. Thanks for documenting this. It saved me a lot of time.