Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Hyperion Planning book

good afternoon.
I recently came across book on Hyperion Planning version 11 which is of great quality.
I know author of this book ,Sandeep Reddy , via oracle forums and had good e mail discussions with him in th past. All his posts in oracle forums were very valuable and technical in nature.

I read his recent book and found it very informative and must have if you are working on Hyperion or if you want to plung into Hyperion Planning world.

you can find his book in the following link

Happy reading :-)

please find my review below:

I feel privileged to review verynice work by Sandeep Reddy. I knew Sandeep since past 4 years when he wasraising star in our field. He always extended his helping hand for starters inthe Hyperion technologies via blogs and as frequent responder for querieson various online forums. His latest effort Getting Started with OracleHyperion Planning 11 is indeed a great work. When I was reading hisbook I felt that he was holding my hand in Hyperion jungle and magicallyde-mystifying all secrets in software along with simple and easy to understandreal time examples. I had seen previous works by others on this software.Sandeep stands apart from them including discussions on architecture part ofHyperion planning including installation and that to in a new version (11).This is very comprehensive work including all concepts from installation tocommon mistakes done by users and how to avoid them. This book is one stop shopfor all who want to start their careers in Hyperion planning or who are inplanning field and want to learn more. "


  1. hi.....

    could you please any one provide hyperion planning UAT test cases for (general)Insurence domain to
    thanks in ad..

  2. You’re so right. I’m there with you.

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    could u please provide me UAT test cases for(bank) thanks in advnce.....