Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Import Security in Hyperion Planning applications

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lot of times there will be a huge number of requests to grant or remove security access for users.
for one or two changes, it is simple task, click on member and then assign access and grant permission. It becomes tiresome when we need to make changes for large number of members.
it involves considerable amount of time.
Automating the security changes saves considerable amount of time. The ImportSecurity utility in planning loads access permissions for users or groups from a text file into Planning. Importing access permissions using Import security utility overwrites existing access assignments only for imported members, users, or groups. All other existing access permissions remain intact. The SL_CLEARALL parameter clears all existing access permissions.

ImportSecurity utility is located at D:\Hyperion\Planning\bin on Planning server as shown in the following picture:

Steps for importing access permissions:

Step 1: Create a text file and name it as Secfile.txt and save it in bin directory (D:\Hyperion\Planning\bin). Example of Secfile.txt is shown in picture below where Planning_Security_Group is group name, MemberName is member name, Write is Access permission, and MEMBER is relationship.

Step 2: Locate the ImportSecurity utility by navigating to the bin directory.

Step 3: From the Command Prompt, enter this case-sensitive command, one space, and the parameters. Separate each parameter with a comma, and enclose parameters with double quotation marks:

ImportSecurity.cmd “appname,username,password[delimiter],[RUN_SILENT],[SL_CLEARALL]”

appname : Name of the Planning application importing access permissions.

username : Planning administrator user name.

password :Planning administrator password.

delimiter (Optional) : SL_TAB, SL_COMMA, SL_PIPE, SL_SPACE, SL_COLON, SL_SEMI-COLON. If no delimiter is specified, comma is the default.

RUN_SILENT ( Optional) : Execute the utility silently (the default) or with progress messages. Specify 0 for messages, or 1 for no messages.

[SL_CLEARALL] (Optional): Clear existing access permissions when importing new access permissions. Must be in uppercase.

You can check the results in log file in bin folder.

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