Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to delete members in planning using HAL

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Deleting members in planning is challenging to do manually as it consume lots of time specially if you more than 5 members to delete. we can use Hyperion Application Link (HAL) to delete precisely the members we don't need.

Here are the steps to follow on how to delete members using HAL

prepare a text document or .CSV file of the list of members you want to delete in Parent, Child format.

Open a new flow diagram and add flat file adapter, Planning adapter and Variable adapter as shown below. When you select a Planning adapter, the names of ports and the number of ports are determined by the dimension to which members are deleted. Most ports reflect the properties and custom attributes of the selected dimension.

Step : 3
Open a Variable adapter and type Delete in port name column and
in the Initial Value column type

Delete Level 0 .........................(If you want to delete the member if it has no children)
Delete Idescendants ............(If you want to delete the member and its descendants)
Delete Descendants ............. (If you want to delete the descendants but not the member)

Upload the flat file with members to delete as shown below:

After the execution of HAL, you should refresh planning application to push the changes to essbase.


  1. Hi Dornakal,
    Your blog is Good.

    It is interesting to load and delete meta data by using HAL.
    1.Can you please tell me the process of load data values into planning cube by using HAL, from RDBMS as well as Flat file?

    2. Tell me the process of implementing Dynamic Time Series in Planning Application?

    3.Migrating the planning application from Development Server to Production Server?


  2. Hello Sir,
    I am a new bee to Planning. It would be great help for me if you could post a tutorial on building a planning database on system 9.I am confused on whole process of building new planning database and loading data into them.
    Can you please explain when you have some time..

    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Hi Sai,
    sorry I didn't look at your comment untill now.
    I will explain in my next post

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