Thursday, January 22, 2009

Certification Questions

Hi All,
please find some sample questions, which can help you to get certified in Essbase.
  1. Development tool used to build application which can add or delete dimensions.
  2. essbase quick start when is it used
  3. multiple fix – dense or sparse
  4. multiple if – dense or sparse
  5. Member selection wizard in excel. Placement
  6. When are hash tables used
  7. Number of passes through database (two pass calc) – 2questions
  8. Query designer – what cannot be assigned to filter access
  9. Sequence of cache files to be optimized based on their priority
  10. What causes fragmentation?
  11. Which compression type to use based on the statistics information of the database
    is incremental restructuring deferred when u add, move or delete a member of a sparse dimension
  12. What command do you use to optimize data export
  13. Max .pag file size
  14. Given a load file identify what field or load method should be used.
  15. Attribute dimensions
  16. What cannot be linked to a cell with an LRO
  17. When would you select Shared Member functionality, as opposed to Attribute dimension functionality?
  18. Proper use of substitution variables in the cal scripts
  19. Variance calculation – when is it used. Result
  20. Given an exhibit identify the improper use of label only tag
  21. What are the minimum security settings for LRO’s
  22. Accept and reject records based on rules
  23. Data source 3 partitions, data target updated. How many .CHG files are updated
  24. Given settings, what is the optimal outline
  25. Which partition uses less synchronization
  26. Given 2 exhibits from excel, which exhibit will be retrieved
  27. hashtbl theory
  28. Set commands – 3 questions
  29. Dynamic calc and dynamic cal and store properties interchanged what kind of restructuring happens
  30. Attribute calc dimensions
  31. Use of attribute dimensions in partitions
  32. Identify how many blocks are created given database statistics
  33. How many index files will be restructures
  34. Validate command
  35. Which access a filter can have
  36. Fix command and number of passes
  37. Fix with datacopy
  38. Fix with cross-dimensional operator
  39. frmbottom up command
  40. Given an outline which dimension is tagged as label only
  41. Can u load data into attribute dimension
  42. Datacopy syntax
  43. beginarchive and endarchive commands
  44. net delay command
  45. query designer filter access issues
  46. Which file holds uncompressed data blocks
  47. Fragmentation, causes prevention and resolution
  48. Essbase member selection placement in query designer of spread sheet

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