Friday, October 2, 2009

Correct Order of restarting planning services

If you are planning admin and had to restart planning services.
here is the order you have to follow to restart.

Stop Order
Planning Service
RMI registry

Start Order
RMI registry
Planning Service

Screen shots of services shown below:


  1. HI Dornakal,
    How are you?

    I have installed planning in my pc, which is having windows XP.
    and i am using orcle9i for repository.
    I installed and configured correctly. I can create planning application but i can't open it.

    i have given the Adminster permissions to the user in shared services. i can create a application in planning but i can't open it and the user who have admin access he can not getting Administration menu in planning.

    i go and check the planning application in essbase, it is there with out databases.

    can you please suggest the solution for this problem.


  2. I am sure that anyone would like to visit it again and again.